Step Stool For KIDS

Two Pack 2 Step Stool for Kids with bonus 4 table corner guard

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  • OUR VISION:  Nothing beats hearing your little one exclaim “LOOK I CAN DO IT”.   The HomeN’Stars Step Stool For Kids will give your toddler the independence to navigate the  home and reach the toilet, bathroom sink or kitchen counter all on their own.
  • KID SAFE:    As we are parents ourselves, safety for your toddler is our top priority. We have refined the design of the stool so that both steps are completely covered in upgraded, anti-slip material.  And the lower step is extra deep, 5.7”, for that extra stability. The sturdy base has thick slip- resistant rubber feet for great floor grip and stability on all floor surfaces. All the components of the Toddler Step Stool are PBA free, non toxic, environmentally friendly materials.  
  • KID FRIENDLY: Carrying the lightweight kids' step stool is a breeze.  The hand grips are rounded and specially designed for those small hands so not only can they reach all those places but they can do it on their own.  The stool is so versatile, it can be used as a potty stool, bathroom stool, toddler stool, kids stool or toilet stool etc. Watch your child as he grows with the stool.  
  • PACKAGING AND BONUS:  You get a bundle of 2 toddler stools with a free giveaway of 4 fun table corner guards to protect your kid’s head.   This is for your convenience and dollar value - one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen or give one to grandpa and grandma.  Great for twins or if you live in a two-story house.

HomeN’Stars have released the ultimate kids step stool to suit how toddlers see the world. Independence is a major part of growing up and our dual height toddler step stool is an important tool in this process. Even at a young age they will feel grown up as they navigate all on their own with their kids step stool to reach the toilet, wash their hands, brush their teeth and help Mommy at the kitchen counter.  The toddler stool is manufactured from lightweight, environmentally friendly PBA-free, non toxic material.

We have researched FAQ’S from thousands of parents and have made adjustments:

Maximum Safety:

  • Both steps are fully covered in soft grip anti slip material
  • The 1st step is deeper than most similar products to ensure maximum safety.
  • The bottom of the stool is outfitted with thick slip resistant rubber to ensure max stability and safety on any floor surface.
  • Hand grips are soft and rounded and placed where it is easy for those little ones to carry the toilet stool.

Value for Money:  

  • You get 2 kids stools for just a little more than the price of one imilar product.  
  • You get 4 free fun table corner guards to protect your little ones’ head.


  1. Give your kids independence
  2. Grows with your kids  
  3. Stable and safe on any floor surface
  4. Automatically have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen

Item Specs:  

  • Size:  10.25”(height) x 13.6” (width) x 5.7” (depth of lower step) + 6.5” (depth of top step)
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • Tolerance: 150 lbs

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